The Differences between Real Terrazzo and Terrazzo Look Tiles

Modern designs have many diversified materials, and one of the most prominent ones is the terrazzo tiles. However, terrazzo tiles are not just the mere olden ones you know; there are now many fanciful ones with great creativity. These days, it is no longer uncommon to find table tops, kitchen benchtops, furniture, and other places in the home laced with terrazzo tiles. Hence there are very many options for using Terrazzo tiles these days, and the demand keeps rising.

On the other hand, we keep checking out some of the ideal ways to get the best quality terrazzo tiles for our structures. For instance, the market now contains terrazzo tiles side-by-side with faux terrazzo tiles or terrazzo look tiles. Moreover, the buyer needs to carefully decide if to buy the natural terrazzo or pick one of the terrazzo look tiles instead. This article, therefore, discusses the significant differences between the two categories of terrazzo.

Real terrazzo vs Terrazzo Look Tiles or Faux Terrazzo Tiles

The natural terrazzo contains the chips of stones, marbles, glass and other ingredients cast into concrete or resin. These core components are held together as one composite material with the base substance. However, the terrazzo look tiles, which is also known as the faux terrazzo, is made of porcelain

Natural terrazzo is also much thicker than faux terrazzo. The former can be as comprehensive as 20 mm, which is an excellent quality that prevents cracking. On the other hand, the terrazzo look tiles don’t get that thick and can break over time. While the faux terrazzo also gets to improve on its qualities over time, it cannot actually be compared to the natural beauty of a real terrazzo. 

Moreover, technology has enhanced the chances of creating such fantastic work to make it as realistic as a natural terrazzo. For instance, the faux terrazzo also comes in beautiful patterns added to the porcelain tile. At least, many of these artificial designs are already being applied to cement encaustic tiles. 

The Pros and Cons of Real Terrazzo Tiles

In the choice of terrazzo tiles, there are a few downsides that we may have to take care of. One of such factors is the price of things. Moreover, the genuine terrazzo tiles can cost between $120 and $250 for one square meter. On the other hand, the terrazzo look tiles can cost between $35 and $85 per meter square. Meanwhile, in addition to the cost of purchase, you should also add the installation cost of the terrazzo tiles. Generally, the actual terrazzo tiles may cost slightly to install than installing the terrazzo look tiles or porcelain tiles.

When we also consider the thickness and the weight of a slate of terrazzo tiles, sound planning is essential. Good planning ensures that the space is well-prepared, and other factors follow, especially in installing on the floor. Depending on the position of the natural terrazzo, the space in-between, and the angle of connection to other product is quite essential. Also, to prevent tripping hazard overuse, careful placement of the joined parts must be perfect.

Maintaining genuine terrazzo tiles can also be an essential factor in the choice of terrazzo tiles. Basically, the natural terrazzo tiles can be very porous even when you apply a sealer. It may not work for some areas in the house, such as the bathroom shower, leaving you with a high maintenance fee. However, it should not underplay the need to seal the terrazzo tiles before installing them in the home to prevent grout staining of the surface in use.

Another notable difference between Real Terrazzo and Faux Terrazzo Tiles

Genuine terrazzo tiles require an ideal sealing up before installation. But after installing the protective layer, the surface is now clean and grouted. Moreover, you should use a high-quality terrazzo tile or a penetrating sealer to protect the surface from staining. Otherwise, poor terrazzo look tiles will make maintenance and cleaning to be much more difficult. 

When cleaning the natural terrazzo, you should stick to a pH-neutral cleaner to avoid losing the beauty of the Terrazzo tiles. This strategy is essential for a good maintenance culture and a prolonged life of the terrazzo floor or wall tiles. In addition, terrazzo tiles also can be susceptible in nature, so designers have to carefully avoid using them on bathroom floors or showers. As an alternative, the terrazzo look tiles can be employed in these sensitive places.

Colours and Patterns of Terrazzo and Terrazzo Look Tiles

Multiple colours work for both terrazzo tiles and terrazzo look tiles. At the same time, the colors can actually complement each other to beautify the home’s surface. You can also add a few bright colors where the environment is calm or in plain white. Alternatively, you may lay it on a brown tone while looking for other colors to complement it. On the other hand, terrazzo tiles can also come with some big chips or smaller dots. At times, the combination in use is entirely up to the designer. 

The Sizes of Terrazzo Tiles in the Market

The standard size of manufactured terrazzo tiles is about 400 x 400 x 16 mm. It can be up to 600 x 600 x 20 mm. this variation depends on the designer’s particular choice. On the other hand, the advancement in technology and the fabrication of terrazzo tiles made it possible for suppliers to create their own patterns and sizes. So, in actual fact, many designers can produce their own terrazzo tiles in any size, shape, cut of format to fit the desired dimensions. A typical example of such custom-made measurement is the chevron pattern of terrazzo tiles. 


Watch out for the different patter, shapes, sizes, colours, dimensions, qualities, patterns and other characteristics of terrazzo tiles. These qualities simply make the market richer and more adaptable for builders and both interior and exterior designers. Meanwhile, if you need a guide on what and how to pick any terrazzo tiles, you can contact Tile and Bath Co. We have you covered. 

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